Tuesday, May 8, 2012

ωнєη ρρℓ нυят υ σνєя αη∂ σνєя,тнιηк σƒ тнєм ℓιкє ѕαη∂ραρєя.тнєу мαу ѕ¢яαт¢н αη∂ нυят υ αвιт вυт αт тнє єη∂,уσυ єη∂ υρ ρσℓιѕнє∂ αη∂ тнєу єη∂ υρ υѕєℓєѕѕ!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

orientation week~

lalala~~~bz pendaftaran for lower 6 + conduct activities for lower 6 + plan senam robik step and practise ~~~whole week bz ~~fuiii~~nex week gt mid term exm ~~hahaXD~~jus cn say GAMBATEH to myself lu ^^wakaka~XD

finish .... =)

Monday, February 28, 2011



3。MUET 考试也即将来临了,感觉上。。我还没做十足的准备功夫。。真是烦上加烦啊~
4。RND 也得重做,关于这,我也默默想起了这期间发生了很多让人心烦的事情~




Wednesday, June 30, 2010

June 30(wednesday)-Went to school just for cooking , nt for study~xD

Today went to school as usual..All of us(bio class student ) were prepared to study,took out the books,placed dictionary on table.Finally,Muet teacher entered the class brought along stuffs and papers that she going to teach us.Suddenly,our class president "appear" in front of us and told us that biology class student need to go bilik masakan for helping teachers to do some preparation of foods for hari koperasi(tomorrow-thursday).Then,we went there to help teacher peeled off onion skin(3 big bags)=.=,keep on shed tears for that..hahaXD..After that, we cut and took off the seed of dried chili,boiled it and wash it again.(3 big bags oso)..Next, we boiled 10 tray of eggs in two big pot.We took the 3 packets of chicken from teachers car and seasoned them.After recess,we continue with boiling the ikan kembung in a big pot,then separated the meat and bones.Besides that , we also peeled off the skin of cucumber.Then, we started to help teacher for cooking laksa and nasi lemak(sambal),add in this and that..Have fun playing and helping around,quite a good experience and quite tiring also~Just can't imagine how hard was my mum for doing all this stuff everyday(prepare food for us ,wash clothes n a lot of housework).Love you mum~muackss~^^

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

busy life~

Form 6 life began.A lot of activities and projects were awaiting for me T>T(R&D,insect collection,plant collection,project folio, librarian stuff>.< ........n more~) fuyhhh~need to gambateh d~~Got many thing need to finish up
~update soon~xD
Continue doing my Math T..


Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Famosa trips

Tuesday-woke up early in the morning prepared going to A famosa(safari and carnival).My aunt and uncle reached my house around 7am,then we had breakfast together,after that,we started our journey to Melaka~❤Reach there around 9am,we went to Animal World (Safari).Firstly,we went for elephant show. elephant show

It was quite interesting^^

After the show ended, we went to truck station for safari truck ride..XD..

These was what we saw during the ride.

Lion❤tiger(live in peace)^^

So near..we can even touch the tiger..xP



ostrich (◕〝◕)


Then,we went for Multi animal show around 11.20 am..All animals there were amazing and genius~~xDAdmire them alotxP..Next,we went to bird show..


Then, we cruise to the Monkey Island on a raft..
My er jie and me..✿fed monkey✿


After that, we went for Wild Wild West Show..NICE ONe~≧▽≦


After that,we went to chicken farm and Walk Through Area experience the animals up close..


Then,we left the safari world and went to our villa to check in..After that was swimmnig time~!!hahaXD..swam for 3 hours++..Then, we had dinner at villa~~Time to go Comboy town~Went there to watch Red Indian show and Carnival~~Have fun there~^^....especially the fireworks..~~love it so much~~XD..
Lastly...ss-ing wif er jie at villa~


Sunday, February 7, 2010


Today primary school friends invite me to sing k at pyramid redbox...I invite some of my secondary school friends too~~Reached there around 11 am~~Then,kai xin, yean meng and I had window shopping at there~~We also go visit hui xin,yoke keen, siew fun and juinn shyong~~hahaXD..Then, we went sing k from 1.30pm-7pm...Hav fun there~~heheXD...